A young member from Bobby Gore’s 1960s efforts

Programs for Black Youth Adult Civic Leadership Development program

Civics Lessons Programs for Black Youth

The Brother's For Life Organization will create the Public Accomplishment model initiative, a national youth initiative of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship. The initiative like programs for black youth is to educate young people to become effective civic and political actors; in other words: to think and act as citizens.

The goals for The Public Accomplishment model is to promote youth to become “problem-solvers” in their communities and develop the skills to engage as active citizens. Our civics lessons for adults help youth shape their future.


In nine months, The Public Accomplishment Model program will travel from an idea, to a possibility, to reality. The steps taken to commence this program in nine months are repeatable. The aim behind building an adult care civic centre is to help youth make their future brighter.

  • Exploring census data
  • Examining civic data
  • Visiting websites
  • Reading news accounts and blogs
  • Inviting in speakers
  • Create a vehicle for youth voice
  • Build the capacity of organizations
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Black Tie Theatre
  • Celebrate Accomplishments
  • Reflect and evaluate
Executive Director Saleem Robinson at Youth Leadership Program Conference