Youth Civic Engagement Activities

The Brother's For Life Organization understands how important impressions are and so purposefully to dispel the negative images that people have about young African Americans and those in the BIPOC Black Indigenous People Of Color we have made our dress code for all outside and inside events Black Tie! Not only to represent a positive appearance in the community but to redefine Black Masculinity and to show how youth civic engagement must be carried out to get the results needed to push through systemic racism!

  • Black Tie Group Engagements
  • Black Tie One on One Engagements
  • Civic engagement college programs
  • Black Tie Dinner Retreats
  • Black Tie Conferences
  • Black Tie Debates
  • Black Tie Fundraising
  • Black Tie Movie Nights
  • Black Tie Gala's
  • Black Tie Theatre
  • Black Tie Social Games/Events.
Executive Director Saleem Robinson and Theodore Robinsonat Youth Leadership Conference in Chicago

Through our social engagement and youth civic engagement, we will promote a positive black tie image to dispel negative images and encourage the wearing of attire that promotes self-respect, culture and corporate readiness and entrepreneurship. Being one of the best African American civic organizations, we are committed to helping young adults in making a bright future.