Director Aswan Thompson at Youth Development Conference

Non-Partisan Voter Empowerment Organizing and Training

Election poll volunteering

Brother's For Life Inc understands street civics and volunteering on election days can be exciting work! A non partisan organization, Brother's For Life Inc helps to make sure every vote gets counted is a noble and nonpartisan way of getting involved. There are typically a few different assignments including early voting workers, polling place workers, technicians, interpreters, and a precinct captains. We will train volunteers in each role.

Engaging local government

The Brother's For Life Organization, a non partisan organization understands that engaging local government may sound a bit dull to some, it’s really not. In fact, engaging with local town halls or hearings can be productive (and sometimes entertaining). Of course, politics can inject high emotions, but getting involved in local decision making with a level head can have important impacts on your everyday life.

At times, local government decisions can serve as a model that bubbles up to the regional and national levels, making citizen engagement at the local level that much more important.

National registration volunteering

Brother's For Life Inc knows that there are many approaches to social change such as advocacy, grassroots activism, community involvement, and community organizing and the National Registration Day is a holiday endorsed by a few election agencies and nonprofits to celebrate democracy. This day is used as a catalyst to register voters all across the U.S. And these efforts supported by volunteers have had tremendous impacts and registered millions of voters.

Volunteering for National Registration Day is one day a year, and it has a tremendous impact. Ultimately, the Brother's For Life Organization wants people to understand they have the power to create the change they seek.

Yousef Barber and Executive Director Saleem Robinson at a repast