Promoting men’s Health, Wellness and Boy’s Issues

Actively help boys to deal with trauma

The Brother's For Life Organization knows that childhood trauma can have lifelong health impacts that may be physical, mental, or both. Events that can be traumatic for children include:

  • accidents
  • family dysfunction
  • separation from a parent or caregiver
  • bullying
  • abuse
  • neglect
  • violence (experiencing and/or witnessing)

Anxiety and asthma are the two leading causes of poor health in boys aged 5 to 14!

Encourage adolescent boys to take fewer risks

The Brother's For Life Organization knows the adolescent years are typically a period of experimentation for boys. They can also be a time where boys are vulnerable due to low levels of risk-perception coupled with high levels of risk-taking.

  • drinking moderately or not at all
  • not drinking every time you socialise
  • never drinking and driving
  • Dealing with stress in healthy ways that don’t involve alcohol.
Practise safe sex

The Brother's For Life Organization understands sex is a fun and healthy part of life, but unsafe sex can lead to potentially lifelong negative impacts for adolescent boys and young men, including sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy.

Self-care and mental health

The Brother's For Life Organization knows there are many reasons young men experience mental health issues. And having good self care practices are important.

Keep stress levels under control

The Brother's For Life Organization knows for adult men, heightened levels of stress can significantly impact health and wellbeing, even leading to serious conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Preventive care is a must for adult men

The Brother's For Life Organization knows from 25 to 60, it’s important for men to have regular medical check-ups and to make lifestyle choices that support good health for the heart, lungs, brain, muscles and reproductive system.

Check your prostate

The Brother's For Life Organization knows that prostate disease is a significant health risk for older men. Around 25 per cent of men aged 55 years and over have a prostate condition. This increases to 50 per cent by the age of 70.

Maintaining good physical and mental health as older men

The Brother's For Life Organization knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping active and staying socially connected are simple ways men over the age of 70 can give themselves the best chance of staying healthy and living longer.